The basis of this homepage comes from the work of the Senchakushu English Translation Project of the Taisho University Center for Comprehensive Buddhist Studies in Tokyo. Led by Professor Hirokawa Takatoshi, the project spent over eight years re-translating Honen's magnum opus, the Senchakushu, and developing materials in English on Honen's teachings. Portions of this work were published in Honen's Senchakushu by University of Hawaii Press in 1998, the 800th anniversary of the writing of the Senchakushu. On this homepage, we offer for the first time the complete contents of Professor Hirokawa's comprehensive introduction of Honen's life and teachings. Here at the Jodo Shu Research Institute, members of the very same Taisho University Senchakushu Translation Team have further expanded these materials and developed numerous new ones as well, such as previously untranslated writings by Honen, a presentation of Jodo Shu ceremonies, and forthcoming, a collection of Jodo Shu hymns (eisho) penned by Honen and other Japanese Pure Land masters. We welcome your critical reflections and comments on improving the quality of this page!

Key to References & Notes in Text

HDZ - Honen shonin den zenshu (Collected Biographies of Honen Shonin)

JZ - Jodoshu zensho (Collected Writings of Jodo Shu)

SHZ - Showa shinshu Honen shonin zenshu (The New Showa Collection of the Complete Writing of Honen Shonin)

T. - Taisho shinshu daizokyo (The Taisho Canon of Mahayana Sutras & Commentaries - New Edition)

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Review of Honen's Senchakushu by Jan Van Bragt of the Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture