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Research Projects 1998-99


1. Jodo Shu Doctrine and Contemporary Issues
1. comparative Pure Land studies
a) an examination of the Compiled Works of Jodo Shu
2. the contemporary expression of fundamental Jodo Shu exts
a) the Three Pure Land Sutras (Jodo Sanbukyo)
b) the 48 Fascicle Biography of Honen [the Shijuhachikan-den]
c) the English translation of basic Jodo Shu texts
3. Jodo Shu series of classic texts
4. Jodo Shu texts and block prints

2. Contemporary Funeral Buddhism

3. Propagation & Dissemination (Mission Studies)
1. ritual development & oral traditions
2. contemporary propagation

4. Basic Institutional Development
1. domestic
2. overseas
3. international cooperation

5. Contemporary Religion and Social issues
1. trends in new religions
2. various issues in bio-ethics

6. Buddhism and Social Welfare

7. Homepage Development
1. management of the Japanese homepage
2. management of the English homepage

8. Published Compilations
1. Development Studies
2. Comprehensive Research Series
3. Research Results

9. Special Research Topics
1. fixed period information project
2. basic research concerning the contemporary expression of daily ritual practice
3. cooperation with other denominations
a) Research Group on the Role of Religion in Contemporary Society (CORMOS)
b) Cooperative Union of Denominations on Institutional Development
c) International Institute for the Study of Religions (IISR)
d) Association of Denominational Research Institutes
4. Confederation of Religious Research Institutes
5. project concerning major memorial services
a) research on the 25 holy sites of Honin Shonin
b) feasibility study for a Honen Shonin Exhibition

1.1. Comparative Pure Land studies (an examination of the Compiled Works of Jodo Shu)

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