The Writings of Honen Shonin

Having embraced recitation of the nembutsu as an exclusive practice, Honen developed his thought on the basis of this practice, expounding it in his major work the Senchaku hongan nembutsushu (or Senchakushu) written in 1198. The progress of Honen's thought during the intervening years may be traced through his major writings leading up to the Senchakushu. They are:

I. Commentaries on Genshin's Ojoyoshu (1145-1175)

II. Commentaries on the Jodosanbukyo

Sanbukyo tai-i (Commentary on the General Meaning of the Jodosanbukyo) [before 1186]

Sanbukyo-shaku (Commentaries on the Jodosanbukyo) [circa 1190]

The Todaiji Lectures

III.Gyakushu seppo (The "Pre-emptive Funeral" Sermons) [1194]

IV. Senchakushu (Passages on the Selection of the Nembutsu in the Original Vow ) [1198]

Notes on the Transmission and Dating of the Senchakushu

V. Other Essential Writings:

Ippyaku-shiju-gokajo mondo (One Hundred Forty-five Questions and Answers) [1201]

Shichikajo-kishomon (Seven Article Pledge)[1204]

Sanmai-hottokuki (Record of Attaining Samadhi)[1198-1206]

Ichimai-kishomon (The One Sheet Document ) [1212]

Isshi-koshosoku (Reply to a Disciple ) [after 1175]

Letters & Personal Writings

VI. Bibliographical and Philological Studies of Honen's Works

An Overview of Major Issues for Contemporary Honen Studies

Recent Japanese Scholarship on Honen : The Historical and Bibliographical Dimensions